‘Tis the season?  Already? Well, yes and no. As far as personal Christmas cards are concerned, October is probably too early. Ordering and sending out personal and family holiday cards can probably wait until early to mid-November to ensure that everything gets to where it needs to go. Don’t worry, we’ll check back with you soon about those. However, if you run a business and are interested in connecting with both your employees and valued customers, a printed card is a lovely way to reach out and send holiday greetings. So to get you into the spirit, here are some tips for business holiday cards.

Tradition Still Matters

Some people will tell you that e-greetings are the way to go, but for traditional businesses (especially those with a long-standing history) physical cards are the perfect embodiment of old-school tradition and thoughtfulness. It reminds your employees and customers that even in this digital world, that you still recognize the value of a personal, physical connection.

Don’t Forget the Fun

Just because you’re following tradition, however, doesn’t mean that you have to be “traditional”. The holidays are a time for celebration and fun for many people, so if it fits into the style of your business, have fun with a humorous card or message. A fun holiday card from your company may truly stand out among more “standard-issue” greeting cards.

A Personal Touch

A little attention goes a long way. For larger businesses including handwritten notes or personalized signatures for special clients or trusted employees can make a lasting impression. And for smaller companies, handwritten signatures or personal notes tell your employees and valued customers that you took the time to remember them. 

Don’t Procrastinate

Especially if you’re a larger company with a solid client base, now is the time to begin ordering and preparing. Nebraska PrintWorks offers a large selection of holiday cards ranging from traditional and reverent to humorous and fun. To ensure that you not only receive your cards in time but have ample time to write and send the cards out, start planning now. And if you have any questions we can help. To see our selection of printed holiday cards click here, or call us at (308) 284-2194. Or, if you’re in the neighborhood, drop by for a visit to look through designs and choose the best corporate Christmas cards for you and your team!