This month’s Community Focus is Big Eye Spinnerbaits, LLC, a small family-owned and operated business located in Sutherland, Nebraska. All Big Eye Spinnerbaits are designed and handcrafted made by tournament walleye fishermen who have an eye for what works. So next time you head to Lake Mac to catch some big game, pick up a Big Eye Spinnerbait to ensure that you catch a winner. While you are there, you can shop their fully-stocked convenience store offering not only fishing, but hunting supplies, snacks, soft drinks, alcohol, and more!

We are so proud of our continued partnership with Big Eye, and have loved printing their business cards and package labels for their various lure varieties. Our specially-designed packaging aims to be as effective at catching the eye of passers-by and luring in customers as the spinnerbaits themselves. And with 20 custom spinnerbait designs and five different sizes, they definitely keep us busy. We’re so happy to “hook” up Big Eye with packaging and business cards, and if you need anything printed, we’d be more than happy to help.

From Sutherland, to Hyannis, to Scottsbluff, come to Nebraska PrintWorks for all your printing needs! Whether you need business cards or packaging like Big Eye Spinnerbaits, or another printed product, Nebraska PrintWorks is here for whatever you may need.