In a digital age, where social media and search engines dominate ad dollars, many businesses have shifted away from traditional marketing methods. However, this movement has made printed marketing materials more impactful than ever.

Stand out from the Crowd

Studies have shown that consumers are exposed to between 5,000 and 10,000 advertisements every day. They often skip, ignore, or scroll right through most of these digital ads, leaving even the best digital marketing ignored. But a well-crafted brochure, direct-mail message, or other printed advertisement will leave a lasting impression on the minds of consumers.


Not only does print advertising make a more meaningful impression on the consumer, but it often costs less per impression than most digital marketing methods. Handing out or mailing a brochure allows you to reach more of your target audience with a more meaningful impression than social media or SEO marketing allows.

Lay it All Out

A well-designed brochure can present all of your major selling points in detail, rather than highlighting one or two on a poster or a digital ad. Laying out your key features and the supporting information creates a fully-formed sales presentation that your target audience can take with them. This gives a much fuller picture of your business and can provide a more favorable long-term impression.

Available Everywhere

No matter where your customers are, you can find them with a brochure. You don’t need to hope that they visit a certain social media or that your targeted ad finds them, a brochure meets them where they are. Meet someone at a conference? Hand them a brochure. A client came in for a meeting? Give them a handout. Haven’t seen a previous customer in a while? Mail them a flyer. A printed item can ensure that your message reaches your target audience every time.

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