Ever wonder why your proof from the printer includes small tick marks at the edge of each corner? These marks actually play an important role in the printing process.

Because printers cannot print to the edge of the paper, we often print artwork on paper that is larger than the size of the work and then trim it down. Crop marks are the lines placed at the corner of the page to show where the paper will be trimmed or folded after the printing process is complete.

This is what makes using crop marks so important. Crop marks act as a guide for where to cut or fold the paper so it can be perfectly lined up to your specifications. If you attempt to print artwork without crop marks, it can lead to uneven trimming and unprofessional-looking work. 

At Nebraska Printworks, we add crop marks for you to ensure a perfect print every time so you don’t have to! However, to create an ideal print we need you to include bleeds in your work. If you need to learn more about bleeds, this blog post has everything you need to know!

If you still have any questions about adding crop marks, bleeds, or printing in general, just let us know! We’d be glad to help prepare your file for the best outcome possible. (308) 284-2194