At Nebraska PrintWorks, when we design a logo we make sure it not only looks great but can be used effectively in print, web, and signage. The hard thing about simplicity is that it tends to not be simple at all, so here are some tips and tricks on making sure your logo can do it all!

Keep it simple

The best logos are very simple and straightforward. Remember less is more when it comes designing a logo. Keeping it simple will keep the logo more memorable and it can be used clearly both on a large scale, like t-shirts and posters, and small scale, like business cards.

*Don’t use an unnecessary amount of words, focus on the logo itself and less on the copy.


Let your logo breathe. Space in a logo can be a great asset to the design, not everything needs to be jammed together or filled with color/design.


Color matters in design. Not only does color provoke certain emotions but certain colors pair better together and do better in print, web, on merchandise, etc.


Choose a typeface that is easy to read and can be used well on other platforms, web, print, merchandise, etc. Make a statement and play around with caps or lowercase, sometimes a simple change can make the difference.


Explore conceptual or even abstract ideas, sometimes using a more obvious graphic will hinder your business from standing out against the competition. Try drawing out your ideas to help spark some inspiration and find the logo that represents the essence of your business.

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