Business cards, who uses those anymore? It’s so outdated and a waste of money. FALSE! Having a great business card is a huge branding bonus for you and your business. Let’s breakdown why business cards are an affordable and important marketing tool.

1. It’s Personal

Yes, you can exchange information online and make connections on LinkedIn. Those are both valid options but it doesn’t quite leave an impression like swapping business cards and meeting face to face. Plus it’s convenient and more professional to hand out a business card and continue chatting rather than trying to spell out your email or phone number.

2. Marketing Benefits

Digital media is highly effective but that’s part of the problem, it’s effective for everyone. So how to help your business stand out? You meet face to face, look them in the eyes and hand them a business card so there is a physical reminder of your business.

3. Versatility

Business cards are small but mighty. It’s not just your company’s information, it’s your first impression on a potential client. Do you own a tech company on the digital fore-front? Add a QR code. Maybe you want to show off some incredible deals—make it work as a coupon as well. What if you want to talk about your construction company? We also offer virtually indestructible synthetic paper that is as well built as your work and completely waterproof. A business card doesn’t have to be boring. We work with you to bring out your creativity. It’s time to let your business shine.

At Nebraska PrintWorks, we know the importance of having a really good business card. Whether we’re freshening up an old design or creating your first business card, we’re ready and excited to start this project with you. Stop by the store or call us at (308) 284-2194.