Are you in the travel and tourism industry? When it comes to marketing, we recommend that you plan for the eventual recovery, so your company is ready for business when the dust settles. Here are a few ideas on how the team at NPW can help you educate your customers and prepare for the possible reopening of tourist attractions at Lake Mac and throughout our region.

  • Use postcards and mailings to direct people to your website or Facebook page for the latest information on openings, cancellation policies and health advisory guidelines.
  • Print signage, displays and sandwich boards to keep guests informed and safe while visiting your attraction.
  • People are going to be researching places to travel. Send your brochure in the mail to your past customer list to let them know you are still here and ready for business as soon as it is safe to do so.

We know current restrictions on travel will keep people closer to home for a while, but eventually people will be ready to enjoy outdoor activities, visit historic landmarks, and experience tourist sites in our area. Call us to brainstorm ways we can keep your company on the top of traveler’s minds when the time comes to make their travel plans!


Image courtesy Lake McConaughy,