In a digital world, there is still one thing that obtains the attention of millennials—direct mail. In a TRU study, more than 75% of Millennials see paper as more official, trusted, easier to keep confidential, and more secure. They will also make up the largest buying demographic in the world. If you pair this with the current state of Nebraska and the entire United States, now is the time to reach out with a more personalized and trusted touch, direct mail can help you accomplish that.

Data has proven that Millennials prefer print to digital with 64% favoring to scan through the mail over going through their email for useful information. That means they are “54% less likely to discard mail without reading it compared to 59% of non-millennials”. Here are a few tips from the experts NPW on how to create effective and memorable direct mailings to millenials:

1. Create a Personalized Touch

You have to show them that you understand their problems and you have the solution. You can do this by speaking directly to them and not some generalized audience.

2. Create a Modern Design

The art needs to be something that will grab the attention of the customer. You can include white space, oversized or odd shapes, and more to create a design worth looking at.

3. Be Authentic

This is true more now than ever. People want to see the human side of your brand. Communicate your values and show how you are involved in the community.

4. Incorporate Digital Efforts

Make sure you are including your social media handles, links to your website, direct people to your latest educational information, or include a special promotion. This will not only get their attention in person but also help drive traffic to your digital media.

With over 75% of millennials paying attention to direct mail, it is crucial to reach out to customers during their time at home. Nebraska PrintWorks has an excellent solution for reaching out to those millennials with our direct mailing campaigns. Our Direct Mailings are tailored to your business type and is your local source for the panhandle population. We can help you reach all of those potential or returning customers efficiently and cost-effectively while providing a personalized experience and generating a campaign that will get you results.