Summer is here! As some of our local businesses transition back into operation, we have a few important tips to help you safely serve our community. Everyone at NPW is committed to helping your business get up and running safely for your customers.

Are you open?

This is actually a pretty common question these days. It’s hard for customers to know if your business is open, closed, or possibly has temporary hours. Banners and posters are a couple of great ways to let your customers know your current status or hours of operation. Another great way to let your customers be aware of any changes within your business is to use Every Door Direct Mailing, for more information about direct mailing read our blog post!

You’re great and all, but give me a little space, please!

We have all heard the term over and over, “Social Distancing”. Although this seems like a simple thing to do, you’d be surprised to learn that without reminders, many customers don’t always practice proper distancing. NPW can help your business manage and keep your customers safe by helping design and produce floor markers and signage as reminders or guidelines for proper social distancing within your location.

We all just want to be safe.

Creating a safe environment for your staff and customers is key as we try to get back to our normal lives. Hand sanitizer stations are a great way for your staff and customers to stay safe. The CDC also recommends that one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from others from the spread of the virus is to wear a face mask. If you are in need of face masks for your business, visit our online shop and we can assist in providing those for your staff and patrons. We can even print on fabric if you are sewing your own face masks!

NPW cares deeply about our community and we are here to help any way we can. Let us know if you would like NPW to help assist your business in moving forward during these challenging times. Give us a call at 308-284-2194 or email us at