In the digital age, it might be easy to overlook print materials as a powerful way to reach your customers. However, print is still alive and well, not to mention highly effective. Whether your business is strictly online or you have a physical storefront, there are many benefits to using print. You may not think about it but postcards, business cards, window decals, banners, are all still print marketing that are widely used today. So, why is print marketing so popular?

It’s engaging

Print engages the sense of touch and encourages interactivity which leaves a lasting impression with your customers. The weight, texture, or finish of the paper stimulates the senses and encourages the reader to check it out. Even if your piece ends up in the recycling bin, the memory lasts because of the activity of discovering your message.

It shows you care

Have you ever received a thank you note when receiving a package that you’ve ordered online? It’s nice to feel appreciated, even if you know the same materials are landing in everyone’s shipments. A follow up postcard to a new customer is a great way to build brand loyalty. Working in sales? Sending a hand signed letter on business stationary along with your tri-fold brochure to potential business lead can be a great way to introduce yourself and break the ice before a cold call.

It’s part of a bigger mix

Combined with your online marketing efforts, print materials and direct mailings can help round out a diverse cross-platform marketing strategy. Better yet, staying consistent throughout your brand messaging on all platforms helps customers know your message is professional and trustworthy.

At Nebraska PrintWorks, we are experts in designing and printing marketing materials. Business cards, banners, postcards, if it’s printed, we can do it! Plus you can use our Every Door Direct Mail services and have it printed and mailed by us! It’s that easy! Stop in or give us a call at (308) 284-2194.